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Are we right for each other?

You can't satisfy everyone.

...and neither can I. One of my favorite topics is target marketing, and as I select my own target markets, I know that I'm not for everyone.

So how do you know if I'm for you?

I also find an enormous value in Mission Statements and Core Values. They say a lot about a person or business and what they do or do not hold dear.

Below you will find mine.


Accordingly, you will also find a bit of what I am searching for in my clients.


I believe open lines of communication are best, and this is my way of setting us up for success.

Mission Statement

  • To help other veterinary business owners gain a clearer understanding of how to overcome their challenges

  • To help underserved and underrepresented communities, which in turn will help these veterinary professionals serve more animals

  • To increase the level of business education and awareness within our field

  • To expand my own knowledge of business within the veterinary field

Core Values

  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Through education, practice, reflection, evaluation, and adaptability.

  • INNOVATION MINDSET: Willingness to take creative risks to move in directions that others will not. Try to be ahead of the curve in my area of interest.

  • ETHICS OVER PROFIT: If ethics are pitted against the profitable choice or “the easy way out,” choose the ethical choice. Don’t penalize anyone for choosing the ethical choice. Open lines of communication are always in everyone’s best interest.

  • CREDIBILITY THROUGH REPEAT COMPETENCE: Use peer-reviewed methods. Always research options. When published research is available, choose proven peer-reviewed methodology over differing personal experience.

  • PRECISION: Quality through exactness. Every microgram matters, every pixel matters, every correctly spelled word matters, not because it necessarily matters to my client, but because it matters to their clients, and it creates an end-user perception of quality on behalf of my client.

  • TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK: Not because someone else expects me to do so, but because it's the right thing to do and because quality work now always produces better outcomes later. Actions and results matter even when no one sees them. If I agree to do something, do it.

  • MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: Create healthy boundaries. Set up expectations before starting. Foster positive relationships with the understanding that everyone makes mistakes (including on every point here).

  • DIVERSITY MATTERS: In every way. Take proactive steps to create diversity as well as protect underrepresented and underserved groups. Diversity in thought and experience can lead to better results.

Core Value, Runner Up

Keep my priorities straight: I'm an unabashed #dogmom. I spent the first decade of my career never home, even at night, and therefore missed a huge portion of my dogs' lives. I'm making choices now to include the things that really matter to me as a greater portion of my life. 


Target Market

Types of Business:​

  • Must relate to the veterinary field

  • I do not consult only with clinics: I have consulted with practices, as well as B2B businesses and individuals

Career Stage:

  • Owners

    • Looking to start a clinic or recently started a clinic

    • Wanting to better understand how to succeed in their practice

    • Looking to change or expand current practice

  • Managers

    • Looking to improve their skills or understanding of their practices

  • Associates

    • Looking for tools to better understand their position within a business

    • Wanting to learn individual marketing skills and branding

  • Students

    • Interested in individual marketing skills and branding

  • Non-practice Veterinary Businesses​

    • Wanting to understand how to market to veterinarians​

    • Looking for strategy and marketing assistance to succeed in the veterinary field


  • Willing to put the time into helping me evaluate your situation to obtain the best outcome

  • Open-minded and open to change

  • Honest, ethical, and respectful of employees, patients, and clients

  • Understand that changes, especially big ones, do not occur overnight. Much of operations is about monitoring and adjusting based on results.

  • You don't mind occasional sarcasm on my end! Business doesn't need to be boring.

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