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​Veterinary Business Media

The Whole Veterinarian 6 2023.png

The Whole Veterinarian Podcast

June 2023

Struggling with veterinary medical records? Fear not! Today we're joined by Dr. Karen Bolton, an experienced veterinarian with an MBA in business management, who is on a mission to streamline the process! Discover how Karen's journey from equine practice to small animal medicine led her to develop a passion for improving the veterinary field through education and innovation. She has created a course to teach others how to use chat GPT technology to enhance the speed and efficiency of medical records with minimal learning curve.

MWI health - april 2021.jpg
Subject Matter Expert

The Business Side of Veterinary Digital Marketing

MWI Animal Health

April 2021

By definition, branding encapsulates higher-level marketing messages about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Your brand should reflect your values and mission as providers of pet health services. Branding provides the foundation of standing out and showing how your companion veterinary practice differs from all the others. Branding also gives your team and your clients an intangible connection, where they feel like you're all working together to achieve goals for healthier pets.

veterinary business matters.jpg

Dr. Karen Bolten

Veterinary Business Matters Podcast, August 2019

In today's episode I talk with a good friend,  Dr. Karen Bolten. Today, Karen shares her story of selling her equine practice to pursue her degree in business.

aaep practice life.jpg

Opening Your Own Equine Practice

AAEP Practice Life Podcast, September 2016

Three young veterinarians dispense the lessons they have learned as new practice owners.


Marketing the Equine Veterinary Practice

AAEP Practice Life Podcast

August 2021

Understanding marketing is important, even if your practice is at capacity. Join AAEP Practice Life Podcast host Dr. Mike Pownall and three marketing specialists -- Dr. Karen Bolten, Heather McPherson, and Kelly Graber -- as they discuss the what, why, when, and how of marketing strategies, goals, campaigns, and indicators of success.

non verbal 2.png
Guest Blog

Non-verbal Communication, Dr. Karen Bolten

Written for Wolff Pack Services, January 2020

When I was in vet school, we had what I recall as some sort of client communication training.

that vet life.jpg

22 - Becoming the Business Vet, with Dr. Karen Bolten

That Vet Life Podcast, Mar 22, 2019


Integrative discussions with the people that Inspire, Encourage and Challenge the Veterinary Profession. Hosted by vet student, Moriah.

Veterinary Marketing Podcast.png

The Business Side of Veterinary Digital Marketing

The Veterinary Marketing Podcast

July 2021

Karen Bolten from The Business Vet on Instagram joins us to talk about the business side of veterinary marketing, how she got her start, and some tips and tricks to using Instagram to reach and grow your veterinary practice audience.

Subject Matter Expert

You Can Get Anything at Walmart – Even a Vet

Jill Taber, DVM Insider, November 2019

Earlier this year, Walmart announced the opening of more veterinary clinics in stores across the US, as well as the launch of an online pet pharmacy.


Finding Your Client Tribe

Written for EUVets, January 2019


Do you remember when you were in school, when you used to want to be friends with the cool kids? Turns out decades later those kids weren’t really that cool, and your real friends, the ones that you still keep in contact with today are sometimes the ones you least expected.

​Other Related Media

pig forking screenshot.jpg
Viral Video

Pig and a poke! Vets tap hogs with FORKS in unconventional calming technique designed to distract the animals during toenail clipping

Connor Boyd, Daily Mail UK

January 23, 2018


Bizarre footage has emerged showing vets using unusual techniques to relax huge pigs using cutlery.

(Original YouTube Video)


​Veterinary Medical Media

Beachgoers raise stink at what's left be

Beachgoers raise stink at what's left behind after annual horse ride on beach

Angela Nicholas, The Sun News, November 20, 2015


It’s not the recent horse ride on the beach for charity that has some beachgoers complaining -- it’s what’s left behind.

Horse tales 36.webp
Regional TV

Horse Tales - Episode 36

December, 2012


On this week's show we are in Kingstree, S.C. for the Kingstree Trials Horse Race.

horse tales episode 10.webp
Regional TV

Horse Tales - Episode 10

On this week's show we are back at Myrtle Beach, S.C. for the ACTHA Ride at Lakewood Campground.

july 2013 - wet weather.webp
Local TV

Wet weather is contributing to deadly disease in horses

Joel Allen, WPDE New Channel 15, July 2013

A Grand Strand veterinarian is reporting an alarming increase this summer in a disease that's deadly to horses.

Wet summer brings killer equine virus to

Wet summer brings killer equine virus to Pee Dee

Gavin Jackson, August 2012


The rumbling of a combine with a hopper full of freshly harvested, golden corn in an Effingham field is a reminder of the great growing season the Pee Dee has had, with a warm winter allowing farmers to plant earlier to benefit from rains that lasted through the summer.

July 2013 - encephalitis killing.webp
Local TV

Encephalitis killing Horry County horses

Theo Hayes, WMBF News, July 17, 2013

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Dozens of horses at the Rock Smith Farm in Myrtle Beach are being monitored following the deaths of several others in Horry County from equine encephalitis.

July 2020 WPDE.webp
Local TV

WPDE Channel 15 News Segment about Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Joel Allen, July 2012

Mosquitoes could be a big problem in our area this summer. That could lead to serious health issues and not just for humans.

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