Why you should learn another language in practice (really)

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

On this post, I talked about Differentiation, which is the practice model that takes your strengths and uses them to make you stand out from the crowd.

You know one way to differentiate your practice that a lot of us probably CAN offer but probably don’t even think about? 🗣 Multilingual abilities! All of us were forced to take foreign languages - and granted some of us probably remember them better than others! What if you used this language (or learned a new language) to differentiate yourself?

Why might you want to do this?

  • If you have a large community who speaks another language.

  • Even if that community isn’t large, but you’d like to target that community.

  • Or just to communicate with others better when they do walk through your door.

Here's the inspiration for this post: I was nominated by @slothiestudies to take part in the #RileysChallenge (@my_boy_blue_2017), which is to learn some sign language signs!

I honesty don’t know any.

But what it made me think about was a story I heard a week ago from a friend of an experience with a deaf client who came in with their pet. She said it was almost impossible to communicate what the pet needed. So consider if you knew sign language, and you became "the go-to vet" for the deaf community? Yes, your practice might do a little better, but you’d also be serving these clients and patients a lot better than they would with someone who can’t communicate at all!

The same can be said for any other language.

I'm a student! Would you consider?


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Thank you for your consideration!

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