About the Business Vet

Karen Bolten, DVM, BSBA


  • MBA Candidate (Management)

  • BSBA: Management (Operations)

  • Founder:  Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic

  • Special Interest:  Equine Dentistry

  • Equine Internship:  Missouri CVM

  • Vet School:  Ohio State CVM

About me

I am a former large animal veterinarian, where I practiced mainly on horses, although our goat, pet pig, and large exotic clientele grew during my ownership. I had a special interest in equine dentistry and took care to expand this area of the practice and the awareness of the importance of high-quality dental care in horses in our area.

I founded and owned my practice, but after eight years, I was ready to move onto a new adventure, and in 2018, I sold the clinic to pursue the next stage of my career. Since then, I completed a bachelor's in Management with a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management in 2020 and am now pursuing an MBA in Management.

I am particularly interested in finding solutions for small-scale practices that have difficulties in producing a reasonable profit, which is the situation I found myself in as a practice owner in a rural area. The more I learn, the more I realize that smaller practices are at many disadvantages; however, just the knowledge of proper business practices would go a long way in helping these same businesses.

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