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About the Business Vet

Karen Bolten, DVM, MBA


Master of Business Administration (2022)

BS, Business Management (2020)

      Operations/Supply Chain

Founder:  Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic (2012)

Equine Internship:  Missouri CVM (2010)

Vet School:  Ohio State CVM (2009)


  • A variety pack of 3 dogs
  • A herd of FIV+ shelter cats
  • Bettas + corresponding snails
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About me

I'm a former large animal veterinarian and practice owner. After 8 years of ownership, I was ready to move on to new adventures, so I sold my clinic, returned to school for business, and started a business consulting firm for veterinary professionals. I earned a magna cum laude in Business Management with a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management in 2020, and completed my MBA in 2022.

My areas of interest in business are general business strategy and marketing strategy. My marketing interests are target marketing, marketing research, and branding. I love anything where one can use data to drive better decisions.

What's my driving force? That there are answers out there for those of us that are struggling. I know many of them now, I still have many to learn, and I want to share what I've learned with other veterinary professionals.

I'm also a mental health advocate and desire to use my skills to help practices create environments more conducive to healthier lifestyles and supporting mental illness in our field.

Other things I love:

  • Anything old

  • Anything pathetic

  • Sighthounds, although I'll accept whatever shows up

  • Sarcasm

  • Teeth

Walking on Campus


  • Coastal Carolina University

    • MBA Candidate (2020-2022)

  • Coastal Carolina University

    • ​BSBA (Management), 2017-2020

    • Concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management​

    • Magna cum laude, GPA 3.93


Other certifications:

  • Hubspot: Content Marketing Certification - April 2019

  • Hubspot: Social Media Certification - March 2019


Business Education

  • Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic (2012-2018)

    • Founder, grew practice to two veterinarians, two staff, and modern equipment. Special interest in dentistry, preventive medicine, geriatric care, and large zoo/exotics.

  • Mixed Animal Veterinary Acupuncture Certification

    • ​The Chi Institute (2015-2016)

  • Carolina Equine Clinic South (2010-2012)

    • First associate veterinarian for new satellite solo practice. Grew practice from scratch via cold calls, canvassing, website, and social media. Bought clinic in 2012.

  • University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine

    • ​Rotating Equine Internship, 2009-2010

  • Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine 

    • ​​DVM, 2005-2009

  • EPM Lab, Ohio State University (2003-2006)

Veterinary Experience

  • Websites Designed

    • (This site)

    • - Mobile Veterinary Acupuncture

      • Based on marketing research​

    • Previously designed websites, no longer managed

      • Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic​

      • Carolina Equine Clinic South

      • Ohio State Student Chapter of the AAEP

      • Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue

      • St. Ursula Classics Club

      • Huntington Stables

  • Social Media

    • Have assisted many veterinarians with their accounts in a non-disclosed manner

    • TheBusinessVet (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

    • Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic, before 2017 (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)​

      • At the time, was the largest veterinary Facebook page in NE South Carolina​

    • Carolina Equine Clinic South (defunct)​


Last updated 9/2020



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