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Get better at Facebook ads!

FACEBOOK BLUEPRINT 📐 I mentioned this a couple weeks ago in my Instagram stories. It was a little convoluted 🤯 to figure out initially, but I finished my first course and made a video to explain it all!⠀


Check out the YouTube video + my Facebook group (for all the FB links and to share your experiences)!


Blueprint is a FREE e-course center from Facebook that helps you learn how to better navigate Facebook and Instagram as a brand - from ads, to building your page, to finding your audience.⠀


There are over 80 courses 💻 you can chose from to help you grow, and there are even certifications (if you are going into this career path).⠀


Since it seemed like there were quite a few of you who might be interested in this, I’ve gathered the information together and posted it in my Facebook group. I also thought that maybe we might want to join together as a group and go through this together 👯‍♀️🤗!⠀


I’ve also made a SMART goal 🤓 to complete a portion of the courses, so that I follow through!

Click the link to join in and add your SMART goal to get on your way to growing your brand on these platforms!⠀


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I'm a student! Would you consider?

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Most of the information I share on this site, I am doing so while in school full-time for business. While I've worked hard to not incur any additional student loans now, if you have gained anything from the information I've shared, would you consider contributing to my tuition? Any little bit helps!


Thank you for your consideration!

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