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How do you fight online pharmacies?

OMNICHANNEL MARKETING 🔄 This approach takes all of your various interaction channels and ensures a seamless experience.

The customer’s experience should be nearly effortless 🧘‍♀️ as they interact with you through each medium, and the experience should gently flow 〰️ from one to another.

ANYTHING that makes the customer’s life any harder 😩 than it needs to be is a point at which you can lose this customer. These are the items where you should be brainstorming ways to improve their experience.

Touch points to consider: 🔹In person 🔹Over the phone 🔹Website 🔹Social Media 🔹Mailers 🔹Any other interactions you have

The way you present your company and your message should be the same 🔁 across all of these media, and the customer should be able to easy get answers and/or solve their problem across all of these.

Does it take effort to implement this approach on your part? Yes.

Keep in mind that if you aren't doing this, your competitors likely are, and online retailers *definitely* are 😱. 🆘 If you are not using this approach yet, you are falling behind your competitors.

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