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If you're not unique, you're not going to survive

“The thing that makes you different is your greatest asset. Capitalize on it.” -@theposhgirlsclub

Why did you look at this picture, and then decide to read the caption? My best guess is because it’s interesting and visually appealing.

What if the photographer just threw a bunch of succulents in a giant pile and took a picture? Would you have bothered to spend any time here? Probably not.

What’s my point? As a business, if you want to survive, you MUST stand out....somehow.

In business, you have only two ways to do that:

1️⃣ Stand out because you’re low-cost.

2️⃣ Stand out because you’re high quality (this photo - it worked!).

Low cost is not the right choice for most practices, although it is for some: think spay/neuter, shelters, etc.

So where does that leave you? HIGH QUALITY.

This is also known as DIFFERENTIATION.

Picking the Differentiation route does not mean you are THEE most expensive vet in the area, but it does mean you are unique, special, different, and pride yourself on the service that you offer your clients - a service that no one else can. Your goal is to carve out your niche.

What will kill you? Living somewhere in the middle. If you’re not low-cost, and you’re not high quality, you’re living in purgatory. These are the struggling businesses, whose days are numbered.

So, let’s go back to that beginning quote: “The thing that makes you different is your greatest asset. Capitalize on it.”

📝 NOTE: Low-cost does not mean low-quality! Low-cost is simply a business model that requires a different supply chain and organization structure to allow the discounts provided to the customer.

📷: @edgarraw


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Image by Howard Riminton
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