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 A proven tool to make management decisions simple. 


What is it?
This resource can be used for any scenario where you're weighing 2 or more options with 1 or more comparison factors.


You can confidently compare up to 15 options with up to 15 different criteria to make complicated decisions straightforward.

How's it work?
This resource transforms subjective decisions into objective numbers that give you a definitive "best choice."


You will:

  1. Enter your options.
  2. Rank each criterion based on its importance to you, 
  3. Then give each option scores.

(And don't worry - full instructions are included!)


That's it!


The rest of this resource does all the intimidating work for you and automatically delivers your answer!


Start using this dependable method today to regain time and peace of mind!

THE ULTIMATE DECISION MAKER: A proven tool to make management decisions simple

  • Format

    • Excel file
    • Click "enable macros" when it opens for full functionality